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Ashley Bower


Ashley has spent the majority of her career working with pediatrics.  She graduated from Texas Tech School of Allied Health with a degree in Occupational Therapy.  

Ashley has her certifications in Neurodevelopmental training (NDT training) in pediatrics, Kinesiotaping, Interactive Metronome, The Listening Program, InTime program, Therapeutic Listening, and in the Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing training (SIPT training).  Ashley also has extensive experience with handwriting difficulties and uses the Handwriting Without Tears program.  She also has training in the area of visual processing difficulties.  Last of all, Ashley has extensive specialized training in oral motor and feeding.  She has training with  the Beckman Oral Motor Treatment.

Ashley truly loves working with children and feels it is her calling to help children and their families.  Working with the family is crucial for achieving a child’s goals and helping a child reach their highest potential.  Helping families incorporate sensory and motor activities in everyday life to enhance development is important.  Ashley helps families achieve this in easy, manageable ways.

Lacee Neidigh


Lacee received her masters in Occupational Therapy from Texas Tech University. She has worked in pediatrics her entire career.  Lacee has a variety of certifications including the Sensory Integration and Praxis training (SIPT), Beckman Oral Motor, Interactive Metronome, and The Listening Program certification.  She also has training with Handwriting Without Tears, Astronaut training, and ocular motor/visual perceptual training.

Lacee has a unique experience gaining knowledge about visual processing, as she worked as a Vision Therapist during Occupational Therapy school for three years.  She uses this knowledge in my Occupational Therapy treatments to help use the visual system as an advantage when strengthening gross and fine motor skills.  Lacee worked with a variety of visual diagnosis during this time including: Amblyopia, Strabismus, Exotropia, and Esotropia, Convergence insufficient, Convergence excess and a variety of visual perceptual issues.

Erin O'Connor Wiggins



Erin grew up in Oklahoma where she attended The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and received her master’s degree in occupational therapy.  Her kind and compassionate personality, as well as her positive outlook on life, are traits that have helped mold her into the person and therapist she is today.  From the start, Erin had a passion for helping others; specifically, children and their families.  She ultimately decided to become an occupational therapist after seeing the positive impact she could have on a family and children’s lives.  Erin not only loves helping children be the best they could be and reach their full potential, but also loves getting to know each child, as well as their family, and having the opportunity be a part of their life.


Meghan White



Meghan is from Plano, Texas and completed her undergraduate degree at Austin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Exercise and Sports Science and received her Masters in Occupational Therapy at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  She competed all four years on the Austin College Women’s Tennis Team and is currently involved at a local tennis organization called Aceing Autism.  Working with children of all ages has always been Meghan’s passion.  She believes each child has their own unique talents and abilities, and her goal is to facilitate growth, learning and positivity into each therapy session.  Coming from team-oriented sport background, she hopes to work with families to equip them with the knowledges and tools to help their child reach their highest potential. 


Stacy May--PRN Therapist



Stacy has graduate degrees in Occupational Therapy from Texas Women's University  and Counseling from the University of North Texas.  Stacy has experience working with clients to improve skills related to balance, strength, fine motor coordination, life skills, sensory integration, cognition, motor planning, and training on use of adaptive equipment for activities of daily living.  Prior to her career in occupational therapy, Stacy worked as a counselor assisting late adolescence clients in higher education with transitioning to and navigating college. Her experience in higher education also provided her with the opportunity to work alongside gifted and talented high school students and their families participating in an early college admission program.  

Audrey Natal--Office Manager


Audrey is the go-to person at Envision Hope Pediatric.  She manages the business aspect of Envision Hope Pediatric Therapy.  Audrey is knowledgeable with navigating the therapy world of insurance and will be able to guide you in getting help for your child.  Audrey's previous experience includes being a preschool director at a church.  She also is a mother to three boys.  

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