Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Frisco, TX

Sensory Processing Disorders—difficulty responding appropriately to different sensory experiences (touch, taste, smell, sounds, body awareness, and movement) which interferes with the ability to perform daily activities
Emotional Regulation Issues--difficulty handling frustration, changes in plans/expectations, irritable, harder to parent than most children
Social skills Deficits—having difficulty with social situations interacting and with playing appropriately; difficulty maintaining friendships 
Gross Motor delays—difficulty with balance or locomotive motor skills using the whole body (jumping, standing on one foot, or moving through the environment)
Fine Motor Delays—difficulty with handwriting or cutting skills, using a pincer grasp to pick up objects and using the skilled side of hand or a tripod grasp, and buttoning buttons on a shirt
Decreased Strength—difficulty performing age appropriate weight bearing movements (crab position or wheelbarrow walk)and holding body positions against gravity (superman)
Bilateral Coordination Deficits—difficulty using both hands together to perform a task (tying shoes, catching a ball, or performing jumping jacks)
Motor Planning Deficits—difficulty initiating or completing tasks such as doing a puzzle or playing on a jungle gym or pumping a swing
Decreased Range of Motion—limits in moving the head, neck, body, or limbs
Self-care Delays—difficulty performing dressing, grooming, tooth brushing, and self-feeding skills
Oral Motor Deficits—difficulty with the coordination and/or strength of the lips, tongue, and cheeks needed for chewing and swallowing.
Feeding Difficulties—difficulty with tolerance to and the intake of a variety of textures and tastes of foods.  Feeding difficulties can negatively impact a child’s nutrition and growth.
Visual Perceptual Disorders—difficulty organizing visual information from the environment to perform a task (putting a puzzle together and reading)
Learning challenges—difficulty with reading  and writing, including the motor and/or cognitive component of writing 
Cognitive skills Deficits—difficulty with tasks such as paying attention, following instructions, problem solving, and organization. Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Frisco Areas Addressed in Frisco Envision Hope Pediatric Therapy in Frisco


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